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Dear cat lover,

have you as a cat fan ever wondered if you should become a cat club member? To be able to meet other cat lovers and people with the same interest in cats, who you can meet with just to talk cat?

We, at the 1st KRV, unite cat lovers of all kinds: breeders, cat-owners – no matter if purebred or pet cat – and cat friends. One thing we all have in common: we enjoy the fascinating creature cat.

Reasons for the 1st KRV

Here are a few of the many reasons, why it makes sense to become a member of the 1st KRV:

  • Every month we meet at a round table just to talk and compare notes on our common hobby cat. On a regular basis we also offer educating lessons on cat specific topics like breed-presentations etc. (participation is always voluntary).
  • You pay annually for being a member at the 1st KRV. In your member fee included is the subscription to the magazine “Our Cats”, which you will receive every two months.
  • We host one or two international cat shows a year, that are very well looked upon in the cat world. Members get free visitors-entry to the shows.
  • For free as well are the cattery presentation, litter announcements and placement of kittens on the club website.
  • Of course we also organise club internal events like barbecues, helpers’ evenings or New Year parties. Al of these are a fixed element of our club life.
  • All club events of the 1st KRV take place in the region.



Gisela Hardenack
Tel. 0621 / 744563