Arena of Cats

Shows by 1. KRV e.V.

ARENA OF CATS – 27./28. April 2024
Wörth Bienwaldhalle

What you can expect of the ARENA OF CATS as an exhibitor.

We stage four Best in Show events per day. There is one special event show (e.g. all Maine Coons) daily in which the feasible cats automatically participate. No extra charge. Cats that run in the honor class can be nominated for Best in Show as well. Among the four “Best of Best” cats one is chosen “Best over All” as the daily highlight of the show. It is awarded the “Best of Arena” trophy.

We always have open judging of the cats. For you that means, you present your cat to the judges yourself. The “Best in Show” presentation is done the traditional way. Stewards carry your cat and present it to the judges. At all times the show is public, well hosted and visualized by means of a beamer and screen on stage. Any- and everyone can follow the judges’ votes at any point in time.

Our shows are generally in large and bright halls with food and beverage offers for exhibitors and visitors alike. Our organization is retraceable and reliable at all times with a punctual beginning and ending of the event.