Arena of Cats

Shows by 1. KRV e.V.

ARENA OF CATS – 27./28. April 2024
Wörth Bienwaldhalle

From all over Germany and the neighboring countries exhibitors have made reservations for this show. They will present a large diversity of cats with worldwide origins.

Approximately 100 different cat breeds in countless colors are registered worldwide. Among those are many that evolved naturally and already carry their geographical roots in their name, like e.g. the Norwegian Forest Cat, the Blue Russian or the Egyptian Mau. Next to these breeds there are many new ones, created through selective breeding by men. For all registered breeds there is an exact description, the breed standard, which is the base for breeders and judges and therefore builds the benchmark at shows.

In different competitions and contests pedigree cats are presented to an international board of judges. The judges decide for each cat about the advance or the withdrawal from the contest. In the morning visitors can watch the single judging of the cats and see the best cats and winners of the competitions on stage in the afternoon. At the end of the day the best of the best is picked as winner of the day and declared “Best of Arena”.

Shows are not only a place to show off your cat, it is rather a place to meet other cat lovers. Where else can you meet like-minded people and exchange your thoughts and ideas about your fascinating feline friends. Questions about topics like feeding, keeping or care of cats will be answered by breeders and exhibitors. Additionally, experts of the exhibiting club put up a help desk.