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Dear cat fancier,

As a cat fanatic, have you ever thought about joining a cat club? There you can meet other cat fanciers, talk and exchange experiences about your hobby.

In order to become a member, you don’t have to be a breeder or exhibitor. Being a fan is plenty to share your fancy for cats with us.

But be careful. Once infected by the „cat virus“, it might spread.

What we have to offer:

  • We meet once a month for our „cat-chat“, where the exchange of cat information is number one priority. Once in a while we have presentations, breed lectures and displays as well as other cat topics. No matter what, there is always time for questions and answers, just chatting. Even if you are a cat newbie or a beginner at breeding, you will feel at home right away.
  • For our breeders we carry a registry and produce pedigrees. They are done professionally and checked for genetic plausibility. What won’t happen with us are late of missing pedigrees! If paperwork is sent in on time and without flaws, you will have your pedigrees by age 12 weeks of your kittens.
  • Each year we host one or two international cat shows with specials. They are highly ranked in the cat fancy world. As a member there is no obligation to show your cat at these shows, but it’s always fun to be part of it. Be it exhibitor, helping hand or visitor.
  • You would like to present your cats beyond the shows? No problem. For members free are the cattery and litter announcements in our Websites as well as adoption ads.
  • Title recognition and, beginning with European Champion, a decorative certificate is free with the 1. KRV.
  • But not everything is free here, either. Therefore you can look up our fees here:
  • Club fees

Don’t wait any longer. Here are our forms.

Questions? Please ask!

Katrin Gropp
Tel. 06201 - 293694